Conference halls

IEC conference halls can be used according to the exhibition schedule from 10:00 to 18:00. Other timeslots can be discussed separately. Minimum conference hall rental time – 1 hour.

The conference hall opens 20 minutes before the event. If extra time is required for the preparation of the conference hall, standing buffet, etc., it must be ordered and paid for.

Basic equipment included in the rental of the conference hall:
- projector, projector screen (or plasma panel) – 1 pc.
- mixing console – 1 pc.
- loudspeaker box – 2 pcs.
- laptop – 1 pc.
- microphone – 1 pc.

Additional equipment should be agreed and booked in advance. If it is necessary to connect additional equipment, its list must be agreed with the Organizer in advance. Connection of additional equipment is possible with the permission of the IEC electrician.

- The Organizer is not responsible for forgotten or lost items.
- Smoking in the conference halls is strictly prohibited.
- The use of open flame in the conference halls is strictly prohibited.
- Changing the interior of the conference hall, appearance of the furniture, ceiling structures, gluing of tape, leaflets, announcements, signs and other materials is possible only after approval by the Organizer.
- You can order catering services from the exclusive partner of the IEC – Figaro‑Catering Expo.
- The Organizer must be notified of the event attendance policy no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. The rules of admission to the conference hall must be agreed with the Organizer.

Pavilion 1, Conference hall 1 (350-400 seats)