How to get the most from your visit to the exhibition

IEC is always glad for visitors. We hold many exhibition events and try to organize the most comfortable conditions for all visitors to stay at our venues. But we want to note that visiting exhibitions will be more comfortable and convenient if you follow a number of simple recommendations.

1. Online registration for the exhibition

We recommend registering in advance to visit the exhibition through website. This will significantly save your time, eliminating the need to stand in line and fill out the registration form on the spot. You can immediately go to the expositions.

2. Searching for companies at the exhibition

The list of exhibitors is posted on each of the exhibitions' web pages and is updated during preparation. On the days of the exhibitions, you will receive a guidebook at the information stands, which will contain an exposition plan with stand numbers, a list of exhibitors and a complete program of events of the exhibition. In addition to the guidebooks, there are large posters at the entrance groups that duplicate the information of the guidebooks. This will help you navigate among the stands and pavilions.

3. Study the business event program

A full program of conferences, seminars, panel discussions and round tables is provided for any event. You can always find their schedule on the corresponding page of our website and choose the most interesting ones for yourself, not being limited only by acquaintance with the stand exposition.

4. Preplan your trip

All exhibitions of the IEC are traditionally open for visiting from 10.00 to 18.00, on the last days of work - until 16.00. The maximum number of guests arrives, as a rule, from 11.00 to 15.00. If you use your own car, we recommend visiting from 15.00, during this period, the occupancy of parking lots decreases.

5. Always stay in connection with us through social media

Join us on social networks: Facebook, Instagram. So you will always be aware of all events and news not only in relation to a particular exhibition, but also in general about the activities of the IEC, the exhibition industry, specialized events, etc.